Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

No Will?
If you don't have a valid Last Will & Testament and you die, all assets and possessions owned in your name will be shared out according to state law. Agents of the Court will have unlimited access to your home, your paperwork and your possessions. Only blood relatives will inherit from you. If you have none, your state will take ownership of your possessions. Friends and organizations you support will get nothing. And the Court, its agents and the lawyers will all get paid before your family sees a dime. Making a valid Will is easy and can prevent every one of these undesirable outcomes.
What can a Will do?
By creating a Will, you can ensure that your wishes are followed:

  • You can appoint people you want to look after your possessions and administer their distribution according to your wishes.
  • You name the people you want to raise any of your children now under 18.
  • You can remember friends and charities as well as family when deciding who receives your property.
What do I get?
All documents included, ready for you to complete and sign, in one Pack for one low price:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Self-Proving Affidavit
  • Living Will
  • Health Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Personal Asset List
  • In Case of Emergency
  • Final Wishes Funeral Plan
  • A Bit About Me, to make sure the memories live on
  • Guide to Wills
  • Vital Instructions, listing the simple steps needed to make your legal documents valid in your State.
How much is an ItsMyLife Pack?
Using ItsMyLife, you get the entire ItsMyLife Pack for one price:

Individual - $60
Couples - $120
How to get the most from the ItsMyLife Service
ItsMyLife uses .pdf Portfolios to provide your electronic files for your Estate Planning Pack. We use the .pdf Portfolio technology for several reasons:

  • The Portfolios are easy to access, use, check, update and save.
  • Navigation inside the Portfolios is faster than the Internet.
  • Long-term storage of sensitive data is on your computer – not an online database.
What makes ItsMyLife different?
Using ItsMyLife gives you four important benefits you don't get elsewhere:

1. Others charge for each document - at ItsMyLife, you get a full package of essential documents, ready to complete and sign.
2. Your legal documents provide real protection, make sense, look great and arrive fast.
3. All wording in every document has been reviewed and approved by an attorney experienced in Wills and Estate Planning.
4. You can choose a border style to add authenticity and discourage tampering.