Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

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When you buy from {“this Service”), your transaction is one with itsmylife LLC (“the Publisher”). The Publisher is firmly committed to preserving the confidentiality of any private information your provide, and this commitment to security is underlined by the Publisher’s actions:
No exchange, rental or sale of personal data
It is the Publisher’s committed policy that it never shares, sells or provides in any way any personal information you supply about you or any other person. This information is used only for the fulfillment of services which form part of the offering and the notification of any new services provided by the Publisher. There is just one exception, and this applies only if the Publisher is required by law to comply with a subpoena, search warrant, court order or other legally valid reason to release this information.
Credit card data
When recieves payment by credit card, the data provided is passed only to the company providing the Publisher with payment collection services at that time and only for the purpose of securing your payment for use of the Publisher’s services.
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