Be prepared! These legal and personal documents help you and your loved ones if you get sick or die.  Great value - includes Last Will &Testament, Living Will and more.

All the documents that you get from are designed specifically to benefit you and your family.
Make a Last Will & Testament to:
  • Give your family peace of mind.
  • Provide for the people you love most.
  • Protect your children under 18 in ways no other document can.
  • Keep precious possessions and heirlooms in your family.
  • Provide for your friends and favorite charities.

Include a Living Will to:
  • Protect your right to decide on your medical treatment.
  • Set the limits for what you want (and don't want).

Appoint a Health Power of Attorney to:
  • Protect your rights with medical professionals.
  • Ensure that the treatment you get is what you want.

Appoint a Financial Power of Attorney to:
  • Run your finances if you are unable to do so yourself.
  • Provide for your family's needs.

Create a Final Wishes Funeral Plan to:
  • Take responsibility for funeral decisions.
  • Save your family time, stress & money.

Americans Unprotected :
  • More than half of all wives, husbands, partners, children and pets in America lack the special protection they deserve from loved ones.
  • 67% of adults don't have a valid Living Will.
  • 57% of American adults don’t have a valid Last Will & Testament.
  • Each day, hundreds of Americans die unexpectedly, victims of accidents, heart attacks and strokes.
Source for Will statistics: 2007
Making these documents is the only way you can provide lasting protection for yourself and those you love most.
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